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As corporate treasurers the world over move away from redundant applications and embrace a new world of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robust data analytics, the future looks bright for the TMS sector.

Over the past year, the evolution of treasury management software providers has wooed the markets they serve, exhibiting a constant stream of new and advanced platforms and processes throughout the course of the year. Those applications have helped streamline operations, make compliance matters easier to deal with, and assisted in finding new liquidity and hedging opportunities.

Although corporate treasury demands are changing at different paces across different jurisdictions, simultaneously the TMS market is advancing at a rapid rate, embracing the range of technologies that sit at the forefront of development. Markets are becoming ever more difficult to analyse, and opportunities scarcer, and the responsibilities placed on corporate treasurers are becoming ever more difficult to fulfil.

But as the market evolves, so too do the differentiators provided by the growing TMS market. With more and more providers coming on board everyday, it is a competitive market, but one governed by some outstanding players, driving and sustaining development.