Welcome, to the 2019 bobsguide Treasury Management Systems Guide.

This is the definitive guide to understanding global trends impacting the treasury management systems (TMS) market.

Treasury management is continuously evolving. An influx of regulation (Emir, Mifid II, Mifir in the EU, and Dodd-frank in the US) since the financial crisis in 2008 has put a greater burden on bank and corporate treasury managers, and is changing the role that a TMS plays. And with difficult market conditions, treasury management is no longer being thought of as just a middle to back office function.

Treasury managers are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to manage risk and liquidity. This is driving the need for more future-looking technology solutions to create and support an all-inclusive view of both traditional and emerging risks.

The TMS market is seeing increasing developments in artificial intelligence, application programming interface (API) management and data analytics. With this host of new technologies, TMS vendors are pressed to constantly move quickly.

Here, we provide analysis to help inform the buying decision. By assessing the trends and developments that are shaping the treasurers this year, we aim to help navigate buyers through the large and growing TMS market.

To construct this report, we’ve delved into the trends that are influencing treasury management, talked with market participants and thought leaders to provide insightful analysis on the state of play.