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The demands for innovative risk management solutions will, if anything, continue to increase in the months ahead. The pressures on financial services and risk managers across the globe looks set only to increase.

Opportunities for arbitrage in more established jurisdictions look like they could at some point in the not too distant future start to become less obvious, with bearish voices growing louder in the early parts of the year. In other, traditionally less established markets, regulatory frameworks have come to fruition in recent years, and risk managers find themselves with many more options. As financial markets change, the demand for risk management software solutions can only increase.

Among fintech organisations specialising in risk management, these factors all spell opportunity. But one thing many of these companies will be very aware of is that standing still is not an option in this market. The developments in the market over the past few years have been astronomical, and the opportunities put forth by blockchain and artificial intelligence have been seized by many players, with new tech providers joining the market constantly.