Payments centralisation and global cash visibility

With Exalog’s software: Allmybanks

Software key benefits

  • Free unlimited number of users
  • Reduced implementation costs (SaaS mode)
  • Full autonomy on set up (SWIFT, users, accounts, rights, interfaces)
  • Highly secure software
  • Banking standards evolutions at no extra cost

Streamline your cash management processes with Exalog

Exalog’s web-based cash management software, called Allmybanks, enables corporates to have the best cash visibility and to enhance treasury processes at both the holding and subsidiary level.

It features payments processing (STP), automated forecasting and bank reconciliation, advanced intercompany loans administration, bank charges control and net cash personalised reports – all within a single interface.

Four modules in one single interface

Exalog’s software is composed of four modules in which every function is linked one to another.

1. Payments and collections

Exalog’s software centralises all relevant data needed to manage your transactions at headquarter or subsidiary level, according to user rights.

  • Payments and collections management
  • Payment on Behalf of (PoBo)
  • Bank authority limits & signature
  • Designed for ISO 20022 standards
  • Compliant with domestic file formats

2. Treasury

Exalogs treasury module gives you a complete decision support toolkit.

  • Reporting
  • Cash forecasting
  • Cashpooling
  • Intercompany management
  • Investments and financings
  • Control of bank charges

3. Charts and graphs

Users can easily see the company’s key figures via customisable charts.

  • Multi-currency reporting
  • Alert display

4. Security and connectivity

This module brings together the necessary functions to enhance security and interface with both your banks and IT system.

  • User rights management
  • Customisable validation workflow
  • Straight-through processing (STP) from your ERP

Mobile application for nomadic validation

Thanks to the mobile interface, users can validate banking payments according to internal rules, consult their consolidated and detailed banking statements on their smart-phone, and receive configurable alerts on transactions and balances.

Multi-bank communication matching your needs

Exalog’s integrated communication platform connects you to your banks worldwide via SWIFT, FTPs and EBICS, depending on your requirements. Yearly, it processes more than 175M financial transactions.

Exalog’s expertise in financial transactions since 1984 guarantees that our software evolves with upcoming banking standards (ISO XML, SEPA, and domestic formats).

Founded in 1984, Exalog specialises in developing web-based cash management systems.

We deliver a “Single Sign On” offer that includes all components: the software and the multi-bank connectivity platform.

Exalog’s SaaS based solutions are accessible via any Internet connection. Therefore, implementation timeframes and costs are reduced, as well as te need for internal IT support.

Our user friendly interface guarantees a quick handover for your users. This rollout simplicity is coupled with Exalog’s high level of security (ISO 27001 certified datacenters.

More than 8,000 companies with users in 81 countries use Exalog’s software daily.

We provide our clients with technical assistance for all time zones around the world. We also offer banks white-labelled applications.

Simplified and direct access to SWIFTNet

Exalog is one of the few editors in the world chosen by SWIFT to offer the L2BA solution (Alliance Lite2 for Business Application). This plug & play offer gathers both Exalog’s software (Allmybanks) and the SWIFT connectivity. It’s the easiest and quicker way to connect to SWIFTNet, without going through neither a Service Bureau nor any intermediary bank.

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