Spice Up Your Treasury!

Spice up your treasury!

We help you season your ERP to your taste. Discover our unique approach:

  • Specialized treasury consulting – to get the best out of your existing ERP
  • Award-winning solutions – to give your ERP/SAP the extra bit of an edge

About Hanse Orga Group

Hanse Orga Group is renowned as the global powerhouse for solutions along the entire financial value automation chain. Over 2,000 global clients including IBM, Philips and Dow already rely on our high quality, award-winning products and SAP treasury consulting. One key aspect is that we deliver significant value add to our customers by providing innovative solutions for all aspects of the entire financial value chain, from the order-to-cash and procure-to-pay cycles to treasury, corporate performance management, tax and compliance as well as powerful data and document management. Our solutions are designed for organizations of all industry sectors, from medium-sized to global players. This includes both SAP-based add-on solutions and ERP-agnostic cloud software so that companies have the choice of the solution that best fits their individual technology strategy. Founded in Hamburg, Germany, in 1984, Hanse Orga Group today has over 16 regional offices spanning across North America, Europe and Asia.

Products and Services

Robotic Process Automation is the current ‘in fashion buzzword’ that is resounding in the world of finance and treasury. It is much more than just a trend, it’s the available next level in the evolution of treasury technology. Hanse Orga Group has been developing intelligent software for many years and with it has supported companies around the world to achieve automation levels of typically up to 90% in areas that are characterized by repetitive and manual tasks, for example, in the order-to-cash cycle. Besides automation, the other great concern of finance and treasury professionals is the need for data in real-time and graphically visualized for transparent decision-making and reporting. For this reason Hanse Orga has developed modern Business Intelligence Reporting tools to ensure companies can take control and move forward with comprehensive analytical options that can be flexibly individualized.

The busy treasury and finance professionals have thus instant access to the key performance indicators (KPIs) on a central dashboard adaptable to their needs, can analyze the evolution and trends of cash flows, evaluate processes and benchmark them to further enhance existing processes. A ‘traffic light’ system helps to immediately identify any areas that need urgent attention. By joining forces with the US-based companies Dolphin Enterprise Solutions Corp and e5 Solutions Group as well as a couple of Germany-based solution providers in 2017, Hanse Orga Group has strategically expanded the offerings to support companies worldwide with further complimentary intelligent automation tools for treasury and finance processes.

Cash, Liquidity and Treasury Management

For financial decision-makers it is essential to always know where the cash is. They rely on robust data available in real-time for strategic decisions for the company. We provide you with the tools as well as specialized consulting to make optimal use of existing SAP Treasury applications you need:

  • Company-wide visibility into cash positions
  • Automated proposals for cash pooling
  • Analyses, simulations, and scenarios
  • Flexible granularity for defining plan groups
  • Integrated cash management
  • Cash flow-based liquidity planning
  • Automated actual data assignment
  • Financial transactions management
  • Intercompany netting

Procure-to-Pay Processes

Centralizing and automating the management of all payment processes as well as the communication with banks delivers greater transparency and efficiency and helps you save time and costs.

  • Accounts payable
  • Approval workflow automation
  • Configurable business rules
  • Validation of invoices and auto-posting
  • Automated invoice processing
  • Real-time tracking of invoices across multiple locations, companies, or SAP systems
  • Optimization and standardization of payments / Payment factory
  • In-house banking
  • Secure bank communication in any format and with any protocol
  • Fraud monitoring
  • (electronic) Bank account management: System-based opening, closing, maintaining bank accounts and signatories
  • Automated bank fee analysis, reconciliation, dispute handling, and forecasting
  • FBAR reporting

Order-to-Cash Processes

Along the entire order-to-cash cycle, there is a vast and often hidden potential for many companies to cut costs and maximize liquidity with automated solutions.

  • Accounts receivable
  • Cash Application
  • Credit Management
  • Dispute and Deductions
  • Collections Management
  • Business and Credit Information
  • Credit Insurances

Data and Document Management

Data and documents are incurred with any financial transaction. Depending on the size of the company this could amount to even millions every day. By compressing data by 95% with our data solutions it is possible to reduce the growth of data to lower IT costs and improve performance.

Audit, Risk and Compliance

Strategic policies and procedures are required to mitigate risks and to ensure compliance with international regulations.

  • Audit-proof compliance management
  • Direct connection to credit rating agencies and providers of sanction lists
  • Archiving strategies to comply with retention requirements
  • Encryption of sensitive data and purging of data
  • Flexible storage of data

Working Capital Management

Continuous and up-to-date analytics are key for optimizing processes and releasing trapped cash. Our innovative business intelligence tool provides you with the analytics you need for that.

  • Robust reports, analytics, and metrics
  • Acceptance of SAP and other ERP data
  • Configurable settings for KPI reporting

Build on our innovative, flexible, and SAP-embedded software or our ERP-agnostic cloud solutions. We support with tailored consulting to identify the pain points and to configure the solutions so that the maximum efficiency can be gleaned from your systems and processes.

*The Hackett Group’s Global Business Services (GBS) performance study, 2016

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