Welcome, to the 2018 bobsguide Treasury Management Systems Guide.

Here you’ll find comment and analysis of the global and regional trends that are currently shaping the treasury management systems market.

The needs and demands of treasury managers are constantly subject to change, with new rules and regulations, organisational best practices, and market conditions changing regularly. As such, the treasury management system (TMS) market must always look to new and innovative ways to fulfil requirements – not just for today, but tomorrow also.

As well as the usual high standard of analysis readers come to expect from bobsguide, here you’ll find access to leading practitioners within the TMS market, within our revamped vendor matrix. On that page, you’ll be able to search companies you know, to find out their latest developments, as well as discover new systems and organisations to suit your requirements by searching by functionality.

Over the past year, developments in artificial intelligence, API management and blockchain applications, the TMS market continues to set the standard in fintech developments. And with the sheer volume of changes to the treasury function over the same period, it’s been crucial that third party vendors to whom bank and other corporate treasurers can turn have stayed at the forefront of technological advances.

In constructing this report, we’ve consulted industry-leading professionals and thought leaders, researched the trends that have shaped the narrative of treasury dynamics, and present here our findings.