Hello, and welcome to the 2018 bobsguide Risk Management Systems Guide.

Here you’ll find comprehensive commentary on the moods and trends that have defined the market this year, the technological advances made within the sector, and the motivations behind some of the decisions going on in the industry.

As with bobsguide’s other industry leading guides, we’ve informed this guide based on our ongoing analysis of the marketplace published on our website on a daily basis. We’ve also consulted industry experts to help inform us on the issues that have helped shape risk management and the sector’s various software needs over the course of the past few months.

Our new-look guides also provide a simple to use, easy to digest, and interactive platform to allow users to quickly filter through our directory of risk management system providers, in order to select the functionalities most relevant to your organisation today. The risk management systems vendor matrix should also work as a useful tool for vendors keen to keep an eye on what competitors are doing, and what functions they’ve added over the course of the past year.

In putting together this guide, we’ve considered a variety of factors – from the importance of risk analytics to system costs and functionalities. By inspecting these, in the context of operational, credit, liquidity, compliance and market risks for risk managers as well as the abundance of technological leaps the sector has made recently, we’ve produced an unparalleled, market-leading guide.