Treasury's greatest challenges and opportunities in 2018


By Thomas Leitch - Vice President Strategy, Treasury Express

A New Treasury Management UX is Here - Isn’t It About Time?

Tired of User-Unfriendly Treasury Management Systems?

We have a better solution.

From enterprise TMS to a la carte treasury management products and APIs, TreasuryXpress’ frictionless and on-demand TMS user-experience makes it easy to automate and scale treasury operations.

Over 125 treasuries worldwide have chosen TreasuryXpress as their partner because of our unique easy-to-implement, easy-to-use, and easy-to-afford treasury management solutions.

Achieve Cash Visibility with Zero Implementation Costs



Clients can choose the delivery method that fits best with their unique technology culture.

  • On-Premise
  • Multi-Tenant SaaS
  • Single-Tenant SaaS
  • Direct-to-Private Cloud


From a la carte APIs and standalone products to a full TMS suite, we have a solution for very need.

  • C2TreasuryTM
  • C2Treasury LiteTM
  • The TreasuryXpress Store


Built for speed and convenience, clients can access the solutions within an hour of registration and can fully deploy between 2 – 8 weeks.

  • Rapid implementation
  • Low and no cost implementation
  • Self-Service set up for Store products

Treasurers have been in limbo for the past decade, waiting for the promised technology breakthroughs they need to transform the way they do business. It’s been a decade since the financial crisis – and resulting global economic downturn that forced treasurers to take a closer look their cash and financial operations and better plan for future contingencies. Over this time, technology has been continuously touted as the solution. Treasury Management Systems (TMS) providers have been promising the power of automation to help treasurers globally to quickly gain control, optimize resources, and plan for scale. But how far have we really come?

Different Day, Same Expectations

Fast-forward to today. Many Treasury professionals are still searching for solutions to address legacy challenges such as bank connectivity, cash visibility, reporting, payment security, and overall operational automation. Moreover, when searching for a solution, treasurers unfortunately have the same assumptions about treasury management solutions as they did in 2007/2008:

  • Costs: TMS’ subscriptions and implementation are expensive
  • Time: Implementations will take months, or sometimes even years
  • Resources: A significant amount of staff time will need to be devoted to this project
  • Downtime: Both the implementation and subsequent user training will result in system downtime
  • Status Quo: Once a solution is in place, for better or worse, it often stays in place – the switching pain is too great
  • Future planning: It will be challenging to modify or to scale as business needs change

Why have expectations remained unchanged? Because despite all the promises, there has been little change in available TMS technology…. until now. Modern Treasury Tech Removes Friction from the Experience and Delivers Business Agility While not much has changed in enterprise technology in the last decade, the personal experience has been radically transformed. Consumers expect on-demand accessibility, intuitive interfaces, rapid transactional processing, scalability, and seamless integration with other systems/technology. Those expectations are increasingly converging with enterprise aspirations and treasurers are beginning to expect the same from their TMS.  Contemporary TMS solutions, leveraging enterprise web services and APIs, makes it possible for treasurers to get what they need: solutions that are instantaneously available, easy to understand, highly affordable, and fast.

Rules of thumb for a frictionless treasury technology:

  • The TMS should be reasonably priced and easy to purchase. If it is not, your TMS provider is passing along their cost of maintaining legacy, outdated technology onto you.
  • Bank connectivity, shouldn’t induce headaches.
  • Simple treasury tasks should be easy to automate.
  • Access and implementation should be inexpensive, rapid, and on-demand.
  • Scalability should be simple and intuitive – you shouldn’t experience major growing pains.
  • Integration of your TMS should economic, secure, and easy to accomplish with APIs.

Is the Market Ready?

At TreasuryXpress, we’ve found that our customers want solutions that are highly capable – but equally important they should be simple, fast, affordable, and scalable. Using a frictionless, agile TMS model, solutions we are in a perpetual state of development and innovation, giving our clients the peace of mind that their chosen solution will grow and scale along with them. “At Ancestry, good technology is important to us. A major reason we selected TreasuryXpress was because we knew that we would not experience a lot of growing pains with them as we scale our business over the next few years,” says Sam Peay, Senior Treasury Analyst at Ancestry. “I believe, TreasuryXpress, with their frictionless TMS model is a real sweet spot for us and the market at large where solid, clean technology intersects with affordability and advanced capabilities.”To be strategic, one needs to be nimble. Contemporary TMS solutions that incorporate enterprise web services and APIs removes the friction and barriers to automation. This approach translates into a low-cost business model that help treasurers quickly deploy highly configured systems – freeing up more time to focus on strategy and business transformation. Frictionless treasury is here – isn’t about time?


Cash Management and Visibility | Liquidity Management & Working Capital | In-House Banking | Payments Management & Security BAM/eBAM | Self-Service Custom Reporting | Automated Daily Operations | Payment Validation and Messaging API

Visit to learn how you can optimize and economize your treasury operations with our frictionless treasury management experience.

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Spice Up Your Treasury!

Spice up your treasury!

We help you season your ERP to your taste. Discover our unique approach:

  • Specialized treasury consulting – to get the best out of your existing ERP
  • Award-winning solutions – to give your ERP/SAP the extra bit of an edge

About Hanse Orga Group

Hanse Orga Group is renowned as the global powerhouse for solutions along the entire financial value automation chain. Over 2,000 global clients including IBM, Philips and Dow already rely on our high quality, award-winning products and SAP treasury consulting. One key aspect is that we deliver significant value add to our customers by providing innovative solutions for all aspects of the entire financial value chain, from the order-to-cash and procure-to-pay cycles to treasury, corporate performance management, tax and compliance as well as powerful data and document management. Our solutions are designed for organizations of all industry sectors, from medium-sized to global players. This includes both SAP-based add-on solutions and ERP-agnostic cloud software so that companies have the choice of the solution that best fits their individual technology strategy. Founded in Hamburg, Germany, in 1984, Hanse Orga Group today has over 16 regional offices spanning across North America, Europe and Asia.

Products and Services

Robotic Process Automation is the current ‘in fashion buzzword’ that is resounding in the world of finance and treasury. It is much more than just a trend, it’s the available next level in the evolution of treasury technology. Hanse Orga Group has been developing intelligent software for many years and with it has supported companies around the world to achieve automation levels of typically up to 90% in areas that are characterized by repetitive and manual tasks, for example, in the order-to-cash cycle. Besides automation, the other great concern of finance and treasury professionals is the need for data in real-time and graphically visualized for transparent decision-making and reporting. For this reason Hanse Orga has developed modern Business Intelligence Reporting tools to ensure companies can take control and move forward with comprehensive analytical options that can be flexibly individualized.

The busy treasury and finance professionals have thus instant access to the key performance indicators (KPIs) on a central dashboard adaptable to their needs, can analyze the evolution and trends of cash flows, evaluate processes and benchmark them to further enhance existing processes. A ‘traffic light’ system helps to immediately identify any areas that need urgent attention. By joining forces with the US-based companies Dolphin Enterprise Solutions Corp and e5 Solutions Group as well as a couple of Germany-based solution providers in 2017, Hanse Orga Group has strategically expanded the offerings to support companies worldwide with further complimentary intelligent automation tools for treasury and finance processes.

Cash, Liquidity and Treasury Management

For financial decision-makers it is essential to always know where the cash is. They rely on robust data available in real-time for strategic decisions for the company. We provide you with the tools as well as specialized consulting to make optimal use of existing SAP Treasury applications you need:

  • Company-wide visibility into cash positions
  • Automated proposals for cash pooling
  • Analyses, simulations, and scenarios
  • Flexible granularity for defining plan groups
  • Integrated cash management
  • Cash flow-based liquidity planning
  • Automated actual data assignment
  • Financial transactions management
  • Intercompany netting

Procure-to-Pay Processes

Centralizing and automating the management of all payment processes as well as the communication with banks delivers greater transparency and efficiency and helps you save time and costs.

  • Accounts payable
  • Approval workflow automation
  • Configurable business rules
  • Validation of invoices and auto-posting
  • Automated invoice processing
  • Real-time tracking of invoices across multiple locations, companies, or SAP systems
  • Optimization and standardization of payments / Payment factory
  • In-house banking
  • Secure bank communication in any format and with any protocol
  • Fraud monitoring
  • (electronic) Bank account management: System-based opening, closing, maintaining bank accounts and signatories
  • Automated bank fee analysis, reconciliation, dispute handling, and forecasting
  • FBAR reporting

Order-to-Cash Processes

Along the entire order-to-cash cycle, there is a vast and often hidden potential for many companies to cut costs and maximize liquidity with automated solutions.

  • Accounts receivable
  • Cash Application
  • Credit Management
  • Dispute and Deductions
  • Collections Management
  • Business and Credit Information
  • Credit Insurances

Data and Document Management

Data and documents are incurred with any financial transaction. Depending on the size of the company this could amount to even millions every day. By compressing data by 95% with our data solutions it is possible to reduce the growth of data to lower IT costs and improve performance.

Audit, Risk and Compliance

Strategic policies and procedures are required to mitigate risks and to ensure compliance with international regulations.

  • Audit-proof compliance management
  • Direct connection to credit rating agencies and providers of sanction lists
  • Archiving strategies to comply with retention requirements
  • Encryption of sensitive data and purging of data
  • Flexible storage of data

Working Capital Management

Continuous and up-to-date analytics are key for optimizing processes and releasing trapped cash. Our innovative business intelligence tool provides you with the analytics you need for that.

  • Robust reports, analytics, and metrics
  • Acceptance of SAP and other ERP data
  • Configurable settings for KPI reporting

Build on our innovative, flexible, and SAP-embedded software or our ERP-agnostic cloud solutions. We support with tailored consulting to identify the pain points and to configure the solutions so that the maximum efficiency can be gleaned from your systems and processes.

*The Hackett Group’s Global Business Services (GBS) performance study, 2016

Oldesloer Strasse 63
22457 Hamburg
Phone: +49 40 51480-0
205 N. Michigan Avenue / Suite 4110
Chicago, Illinois 60601
Phone: +1 (312) 620 1200
Nieuwe Prinsenkade 9
4811 VC Breda, Netherlands
Phone: +31 765780500

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SWIFT Customer Security Programme – Combating Fraud

SWIFT has released a set of core security standards that are mandatory for all corporates and financial institutions connected to SWIFT. By implementing these standards, you will:

  • Raise the security bar on the SWIFT network,
  • Support their efforts to prevent and detect fraudulent use of their infrastructure, and
  • Increase security awareness and education in the on-going fight against cyber-related wire fraud.

Important dates:

  • To ensure adoption, SWIFT requires all corporations and financial institutions and financial institutions on SWIFT, to provide self-attestation against the mandatory controls by the December 31 2017 and on an annual basis thereafter.
  • Enforcement of controls January 01 2018 onwards

Architecture Types

Each institution must identify which of the three reference architecture types most closely resembles their own architecture deployment to determine which components are in scope. Depending on the architecture type, some security controls may or may not apply.

The three reference architectures are as follows:

Architecture A1 – Full stack

Both the messaging interface (SAA or equivalent) and communication interface (SAG, SNL, HSM and VPN box) are within the user or Client environment. This architecture type also includes hosted solutions where the user has the licenses for both the messaging interface and communication interface.

Architecture A2 – Partial stack

The messaging interface is within the user environment, but a service provider (for example, a service bureau, SWIFT Alliance Remote Gateway or a group hub) owns a license for and manages the communication interface. This architecture type also includes hosted solutions of the messaging interface where user has license for the messaging interface.

Architecture B – No local user footprint

No SWIFT-specific infrastructure component is used within the user environment. Two type of set-ups are covered by this architecture type:

  • Users only access SWIFT services via a GUI application at the service provider (user-to-application)
  • Users’ back-office applications communicate directly with the service provider (application-to-application) using a middleware product (for example, IBM® MQ or similar) or APIs from the service provider. Categorizing this set-up as architecture type B is in line with the scope of the security controls which excludes user back office and middleware applications.

Enforcement of mandatory requirements by SWIFT will start from January 2018, including inspections from internal and external auditors conducted with samples of customers to check quality. The detailed compliance status of each customer will be made available to their counterparties (for example via the KYC Registry), providing transparency on their self-attestation and inspection results; allowing other users on the network to apply risk based decision-making to their counterparty relationships.

2 King Arthur Court, Suite A-1, North Brunswick, NJ – 08902 Tel: 732-296-0001.

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Payments centralisation and global cash visibility

With Exalog’s software: Allmybanks

Software key benefits

  • Free unlimited number of users
  • Reduced implementation costs (SaaS mode)
  • Full autonomy on set up (SWIFT, users, accounts, rights, interfaces)
  • Highly secure software
  • Banking standards evolutions at no extra cost

Streamline your cash management processes with Exalog

Exalog’s web-based cash management software, called Allmybanks, enables corporates to have the best cash visibility and to enhance treasury processes at both the holding and subsidiary level.

It features payments processing (STP), automated forecasting and bank reconciliation, advanced intercompany loans administration, bank charges control and net cash personalised reports – all within a single interface.

Four modules in one single interface

Exalog’s software is composed of four modules in which every function is linked one to another.

1. Payments and collections

Exalog’s software centralises all relevant data needed to manage your transactions at headquarter or subsidiary level, according to user rights.

  • Payments and collections management
  • Payment on Behalf of (PoBo)
  • Bank authority limits & signature
  • Designed for ISO 20022 standards
  • Compliant with domestic file formats

2. Treasury

Exalogs treasury module gives you a complete decision support toolkit.

  • Reporting
  • Cash forecasting
  • Cashpooling
  • Intercompany management
  • Investments and financings
  • Control of bank charges

3. Charts and graphs

Users can easily see the company’s key figures via customisable charts.

  • Multi-currency reporting
  • Alert display

4. Security and connectivity

This module brings together the necessary functions to enhance security and interface with both your banks and IT system.

  • User rights management
  • Customisable validation workflow
  • Straight-through processing (STP) from your ERP

Mobile application for nomadic validation

Thanks to the mobile interface, users can validate banking payments according to internal rules, consult their consolidated and detailed banking statements on their smart-phone, and receive configurable alerts on transactions and balances.

Multi-bank communication matching your needs

Exalog’s integrated communication platform connects you to your banks worldwide via SWIFT, FTPs and EBICS, depending on your requirements. Yearly, it processes more than 175M financial transactions.

Exalog’s expertise in financial transactions since 1984 guarantees that our software evolves with upcoming banking standards (ISO XML, SEPA, and domestic formats).

Founded in 1984, Exalog specialises in developing web-based cash management systems.

We deliver a “Single Sign On” offer that includes all components: the software and the multi-bank connectivity platform.

Exalog’s SaaS based solutions are accessible via any Internet connection. Therefore, implementation timeframes and costs are reduced, as well as te need for internal IT support.

Our user friendly interface guarantees a quick handover for your users. This rollout simplicity is coupled with Exalog’s high level of security (ISO 27001 certified datacenters.

More than 8,000 companies with users in 81 countries use Exalog’s software daily.

We provide our clients with technical assistance for all time zones around the world. We also offer banks white-labelled applications.

Simplified and direct access to SWIFTNet

Exalog is one of the few editors in the world chosen by SWIFT to offer the L2BA solution (Alliance Lite2 for Business Application). This plug & play offer gathers both Exalog’s software (Allmybanks) and the SWIFT connectivity. It’s the easiest and quicker way to connect to SWIFTNet, without going through neither a Service Bureau nor any intermediary bank.

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How to unite heterogeneous system landscapes.

All-embracing transparency for major corporates – with TIP.

Cash Visibility

Despite a heterogeneous system landscape, TIP provides us with an effective tool for ensuring transparency and for flexibly analysing all of our treasury data

Michael Debus
Corporate Treasury

DATEV now has one system where all treasury data are collected and flexible reports can be used to analyse this data. All financial positions in SAP CM and SAP TRM are continuously and automatically transferred to TIP. In addition, the existing revenue and expenses positions from the controlling forecast are converted into incoming and outgoing cash flows and are imported into TIP as well. A set of rules was defined for this purpose which can be configured by users at any time.


If there is a real need for speed, there is no time for mistakes. TIPCO proved to be a partner who supported us with a maximum of professionalism and high motivation levels.

Britta Baier, Director EMEA
Corporate Finance & Treasury

Takata needed to implement a rapid switch from an existing Excel-based forecasting tool to a new Web-based solution. The aim was to set up a comprehensive and uniform group-wide cash flow forecasting tool within just a few days. Despite this short time window there were very demanding requirements in terms of forecasting transparency and accuracy. The intention was to import all accounts receivable and payable from the SAP system in order to create a basis for manual forecasting on the part of the group subsidiaries. An extremely efficient work flow was necessary on both sides in order to keep to the tight deadline. The next step was to set up a forecasting grid which corresponded to the parameters defined in the scoping phase and which was linked via the SAP interface to the SAP data pool. This created the basis for group-wide forecasting and flexible data analysis which can identify forecasting deviations.


The switch from Excel to TIP not only delivered major time savings for us but was also particularly well organised and structured.

Martin Matuschewski
Expert Treasury
DKV Mobility Services Group

The objective for DKV was to make their reporting considerably more flexible and less time intensive. A scoping workshop defined the necessary interfaces and reports. Guarantees now can be captured and managed directly in TIP. This allows contracts to be directly linked to (and accessed via) the relevant positions. On the basis of these data, it is now possible to call up a complete financial status overview from all possible perspectives and in any degree of detail at the press of a button. It is also possible to analyse the utilisation of credit lines at any point in time and in every currency.


TIP enables us to rapidly and simply assess our FX risk – as easily as we always wanted it to be.

Oliver Schmitz
Corporate Treasury
Vorwerk & Co. KG

Based on financial positions, cash flows and derivatives, Vorwerk’s objective was to be able to calculate and analyse the impact of changes in exchange rates. This implementation project entailed the setting up of the derivatives module of TIP and an interface for market data. The existing data previously maintained in Excel were also imported into TIP. New transactions can now be captured and automatically taken into account using a simple user interface.

At the press of a button, the data from the financial status, forecast, derivatives, exchange rates, volatilities and correlation matrices are now analysed in a computation module and made available via a dashboard report. This makes it simple to simulate hedge transactions and to analyse the impact on the overall risk KPIs reliably and easily.


We now have a great overview of the applied products and their prices, which lead to internal process improvements, but also enable us to negotiate with our banking partners at eye level. Not least, we can correct wrong prices in an easy and efficient way.

Christine Pitzen, Senior Treasury Manager
Deutsche Post AG

As a group of companies with global operations, DPDHL incurs considerable bank charges. Due to the number of charges levied, it was simply no longer possible to check these without excessive time and cost inputs. The main objective of this project was therefore to automate the monitoring of bank charges levied by key banks. The intention was to draw on the results to create a basis not only for monitoring payment processes more carefully but also to subsequently be able to optimise these. The implementation process involved bank statements available in the formats TWIST BSB, CAMT.086 and Excel being processed and automatic tables of charges set up. It was then “only” necessary to check these. Flexible reports under- pin the analysis of the extensive data and deliver transparency at the press of a button. A by-product of the monitoring of bank charges introduced was the retirement of an existing system for managing accounts across the group, meaning further cost-savings.

Visit our website to read more success stories from our clients.

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Reduce risk, get your subsidiaries in line, and stop stressing

You too can rock your TMS implementation

BELLIN has successfully launched over 400 corporate groups on our tm5 Treasury Management System, leading the industry in project success rates. On the basis of this implementation expertise, we’ve compiled three less thought-about factors that can significantly improve your cash positioning, forecasting and risk management.

Don’t automate, do streamline.

Cash positioning is an area where we provide a lot of consulting because there are several choices on the source of cash forecast information: direct subsidiary forecasts, indirect forecast from P&L, cash flow modeling, or bank current day reporting. Most TMSs can automate cash positioning, but there are still many decisions to be made.

The first step is to identify the sources of data. For example, treasury may receive a daily outgoing payments report from AP. But how can that be reconciled with a current day report from the bank so that your cash positioning doesn’t contain any duplication? In some cases, the different sources are easily identified, e.g. when you’re dealing with a single large payment on a given day. But if you’re making payments to several different customers, how do you reconcile them with items on the current day report?

We build a process for a client, based on their resources and the level of detail they require. This is always trade-off – the more detail, the more steps their workflow has to contain to ensure accuracy. So your process is not automated, but streamlined, which is preferable as you maintain full control. The system operates on your behalf, but you need to monitor the process to ensure that you maximize its capability to deliver error-free results.

Get your subsidiaries involved in cash forecasting early, so you can use their data.

People always ask how to assure the reliability of cash forecast reports submitted by their subsidiaries. And there are so many benefits to an accurate forecasting system (i.e. comparing against your actual values without all the copy/paste effort) that they should want to use your system and produce sound numbers. But accurate forecasting requires accurate historical data – and organizing that data across a group can turn into a real nightmare for certain organizations. One of our clients recently told us how hard it was to get his subsidiaries to do forecasting, as they were lacking solid historical numbers.

Now that he has BELLIN tm5, he enjoys global cash visibility through the BELLIN SWIFT Service, receiving every entity’s account statements on a daily basis. This information enables his subsidiaries to do an accurate forecast – for the first time. In our system you provide all entities access to do their own forecasts – at no added cost, as we don’t charge per user. Empowered by a great tool, they will get on board and end up providing reliable data to the central treasury.

When it comes to risk management, start with real data, and use specific analyses to establish where you have weaknesses.

A lot of customers ask for risk management and many questions on that specific subject are listed in the various RfPs. However, these questions are always focused on specific risk factor calculations such as VaR or credit ratings instead of focusing on the underlying risk management approach supported by a TMS. The TMS should facilitate the entire risk management process, not just specific risk factor calculations.

Let’s say you do a VaR calculation and find you have four million dollars at risk. What are you going to do? This kind of data is hard to work with because it’s based on so many assumptions, all of which can be a risk factor that needs management. Hence clients should focus on items based on real data, like liquidity risk – the risk that your company won’t be able to fulfil its financial obligations one day. Even though people don’t think of this as risk management, it’s probably the most important risk management that you’re going to perform on a daily basis. And when you’re operating a TMS that is able to provide your central treasury with so much more reliable data, you’re suddenly empowered to make a lot of important decisions about your risks.

For example, we restructured one of our client’s financial reporting structure to allow real-time reporting of their expected cash needs against their credit facility availability. This is further divided by the time it took for draw-down from different sub-facilities to become available as cash. At any point, the treasurer and the CFO could obtain a financial status report to gauge the liquidity status of the company, then determine if cash needs to be re-patriated or if additional funding needs to be obtained well before the bills are due. In this way, liquidity risk is clearly exposed and managed. The managers have a complete picture and can really understand what may be at risk.

Implementing the TMS only gets you going. Once you are moving, you face a whole new set of challenges. Don’t settle for a TMS that only gets you started. Leverage the experience of BELLIN to provide you with a truly transformative treasury experience.

Get started at:
+1 604 6772593

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The Future of FX Risk Management


A world-class currency analytics platform significantly enhances TMS risk management capabilities, allowing corporates to leverage both technologies to reduce currency risk and costs, and better manage the impact of FX exposures on financial results.

Managing foreign exchange risk is an ongoing challenge for multinational companies as their organizations grow and treasury processes and regulations become increasingly complex. Named a top risk by 53 percent of treasury teams, FX risk can have large negative impacts to a company’s bottom line. In order to better address currency risk, corporates are looking to extend the reach of their treasury management systems (TMS). Although TMS provide a wide array of services, most pre-trade risk management offerings for FX are limited. To curb bottom line impacts, the additional implementation of a currency analytics solution can greatly enhance FX risk management processes through both internal exposure reduction and external hedging.


FiREapps, a leading Saas-based currency analytics company with solutions for balance sheet, cash flow and income statement, complements TMS functionality to ensure treasury has confidence in their data and processes to better mitigate currency risk.

Access to Accurate, Complete and TimelyData to Establish Confidence In Results

FiREapps is an essential pre-trade component of a comprehensive FX risk management program designed to operate in conjunction with TMS. On-demand transaction currency balance collection from your ERPs, spreadsheets and other systems, and data integrity analysis and data cleansing, ensure your exposure data is accurate, complete and available to view in a single consolidated corporate view. The industry leader in currency exposure data aggregation, FiREapps has SAP and Oracle certified extract toolkits and can interact with most ERPs to facilitate exposure analysis on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Enhanced FX Exposure Analytics to Determine the Most Cost Effective Way to Manage Risk

To better understand and report the underlying drivers of currency risk, FiREapps offers a full suite of analytical tools, including exposure analysis by currency pair with exposure netting at a company, entity, account and account group level and user defined reporting. With in-depth intercompany analytics, rate change impact and constant currency analyses, corporates can easily view how financial results are impacted by foreign exchange to help reduce exposure to currencies and manage earnings per share at risk. Data integrity analysis with exposure definition logic assures the currency data and subsequent trade recommendations provided to a TMS for trade reporting accurately reflect true corporate exposure and risk.

In-Depth FX Reporting to Benchmark the Success of Your FX Risk Management Program

FiREapps takes FX reporting one step further by providing detailed transaction currency reports for user defined periods, as well as extensive exposure trend reporting, value at risk (VaR) analysis and scenario testing. Agile reporting allows treasury to look at corporate exposure at a consolidated level, by entity or any other organizational dimension required. With built-in flexibility, FiREapps easily accommodates management reporting requirements and changes in company-specific reporting structures, which can be designed to align with the reporting in your TMS.

Increased Transparency into Your Data and Processes to Improve Compliance with internal Controls

Utilizing FiREapps as a component of a TMS anchored FX management program enables increased visibility into accounting data and transparency into corporate processes. FiREapps displays detailed underlying data to show how the exposure number was formulated, making it easy to tie the exposure back to the original ERP accounting data. This level of transparency provides insight into where exposures can be eliminated organically and allows treasury to understand the main contributors to its company’s corporate exposure.

An integral technology for managing FX risk

When used in conjunction with a TMS, FiREapps enables an end-to-end workflow with accurate, complete and timely data collection, comprehensive analytics and reporting, and full audit and compliance trails. The value of a TMS for risk management and hedge accounting is undeniable, but leveraging FiREapps as a supplemental FX risk management tool enables multinationals to proactively address currency exposure and manage EPS at risk.


For more information on how FiREapps can interact with and enhance your TMS’ FX risk capabilities, including full workflow automation, visit


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ATOM Treasury and Risk

Does your treasury management system match your vision?

If your treasury system doesn’t deliver on your vision for treasury management, it’s time to consider ATOM. Visual, web-based and fully integrated across all treasury functions, ATOM quickly adapts to your changing needs. Whether using one or several modules, you’ll benefit from ATOM’s powerful functionality and instant visibility into all treasury activities. Best of all, our superior service ensures you continue to realize the maximum value from your investment. ATOM — Uniquely visual. Comprehensive functionality. Financial Sciences Corporation

ATOM Treasury and Risk

With its visual interface and powerful functionality, Financial Sciences’ ATOM treasury and risk management system (TMS/eTMS) automates essential treasury processes helping clients achieve unparalleled real-time visibility of cash and risk in one complete web-based solution.

Clients use ATOM to reduce financial complexity, ensure compliance and implement best practices throughout their treasury operations. Two of the top 10 and five of the top 60 Forbes Global 2000 trust ATOM and Financial Sciences for treasury management.

ATOM Cockpits

ATOM takes a uniquely visual approach to treasury management. ATOM “Cockpits” provide the best of navigation, KPIs, data analytics and workflow all on one screen. ATOM users can quickly view, analyze or report on any element of treasury in seconds.

Cash and Liquidity Management

ATOM automates enterprise cash management activity in any currency, including:

  • Multicurrency positioning and forecasting — real-time work-sheets for dynamic tracking of global positions and cash flows
  • Payments — support for all payment types with seamless integration with banks and SWIFT
  • Bank reconciliation — powerful, rules-based matching for auto-mated reconciliation and data enrichment
  • Cash concentrations — cash pooling, target balancing and liquidity management

Bank Relationship Management

ATOM offers a complete eBAM solution, including:

  • Bank account management
  • Tracking store/branch accounts
  • Bank services and performance
  • Bank fee analysis
  • FBAR tracking and reporting
  • Bank contacts and meetings
  • Signers and signer workflow


  • Uniquely visual
  • Powerful functionality
  • Self-service reporting
  • Great service

Debt, Credit and Investments

ATOM supports the entire deal life-cycle for all debt, credit and investment types, including:

  • Fixed and floating rate instruments
  • CP, CDs and money funds
  • Credit facilities, guarantees and LOCs
  • Gov, Corp, Agency and ABS securities
  • Brazilian, Chinese, emerging markets calculations
  • Intercompany transactions

Risk Management and Hedging

ATOM provides integrated risk management and hedging functionality for all financial risk types, including:

  • Forex spots, forwards, swaps, options and NDFs
  • Interest rate swaps and options
  • Commodity swaps, options and futures
  • Credit derivatives
  • Hedge creation and testing for automated compliance
  • Analytics for fair value, CVA, sensitivity and scenario calculations

Financial Reporting

ATOM includes a fully automated accounting subledger for all transaction types: cash, debt, investments and derivatives. ATOM provides:

  • GAAP & IAS reporting compliance
  • Complete subledger functionality
  • Integrated auditing
  • Automated integration with ERPs such as SAP, PeopleSoft, JDE and Oracle
  • Automation for FAS 815 and IFRS 9 hedge accounting compliance


ATOM enables compliance with regulatory frameworks including Dodd-Frank, Basel III, FBAR, SOX, IFRS/GAAP, EMIR and SEPA

Deployment and Scalability

ATOM offers flexible deployment:

  • License only needed modules
  • Browser-based with no local installation for rapid onboarding
  • Scalable platform for one to 100+ users
  • ASP/SaaS, hosted or installed delivery models

Self-Service Reporting

ATOM delivers flexible reporting solutions for both operations and senior management, including:

  • ATOM Cockpits, with live graphics, KPIs, dashboards, and visual workflow
  • Integrated, self-service business intelligence reporting
  • Intuitive drag and drop tools for creating charts, graphs, maps and standard reports
  • Integrated OLAP data cube for end-user data analytics
  • Real-time integration with Excel
  • An extensive standard reports library

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