ATOM Treasury and Risk

Does your treasury management system match your vision?

If your treasury system doesn’t deliver on your vision for treasury management, it’s time to consider ATOM. Visual, web-based and fully integrated across all treasury functions, ATOM quickly adapts to your changing needs. Whether using one or several modules, you’ll benefit from ATOM’s powerful functionality and instant visibility into all treasury activities. Best of all, our superior service ensures you continue to realize the maximum value from your investment. ATOM — Uniquely visual. Comprehensive functionality. Financial Sciences Corporation

ATOM Treasury and Risk

With its visual interface and powerful functionality, Financial Sciences’ ATOM treasury and risk management system (TMS/eTMS) automates essential treasury processes helping clients achieve unparalleled real-time visibility of cash and risk in one complete web-based solution.

Clients use ATOM to reduce financial complexity, ensure compliance and implement best practices throughout their treasury operations. Two of the top 10 and five of the top 60 Forbes Global 2000 trust ATOM and Financial Sciences for treasury management.

ATOM Cockpits

ATOM takes a uniquely visual approach to treasury management. ATOM “Cockpits” provide the best of navigation, KPIs, data analytics and workflow all on one screen. ATOM users can quickly view, analyze or report on any element of treasury in seconds.

Cash and Liquidity Management

ATOM automates enterprise cash management activity in any currency, including:

  • Multicurrency positioning and forecasting — real-time work-sheets for dynamic tracking of global positions and cash flows
  • Payments — support for all payment types with seamless integration with banks and SWIFT
  • Bank reconciliation — powerful, rules-based matching for auto-mated reconciliation and data enrichment
  • Cash concentrations — cash pooling, target balancing and liquidity management

Bank Relationship Management

ATOM offers a complete eBAM solution, including:

  • Bank account management
  • Tracking store/branch accounts
  • Bank services and performance
  • Bank fee analysis
  • FBAR tracking and reporting
  • Bank contacts and meetings
  • Signers and signer workflow


  • Uniquely visual
  • Powerful functionality
  • Self-service reporting
  • Great service

Debt, Credit and Investments

ATOM supports the entire deal life-cycle for all debt, credit and investment types, including:

  • Fixed and floating rate instruments
  • CP, CDs and money funds
  • Credit facilities, guarantees and LOCs
  • Gov, Corp, Agency and ABS securities
  • Brazilian, Chinese, emerging markets calculations
  • Intercompany transactions

Risk Management and Hedging

ATOM provides integrated risk management and hedging functionality for all financial risk types, including:

  • Forex spots, forwards, swaps, options and NDFs
  • Interest rate swaps and options
  • Commodity swaps, options and futures
  • Credit derivatives
  • Hedge creation and testing for automated compliance
  • Analytics for fair value, CVA, sensitivity and scenario calculations

Financial Reporting

ATOM includes a fully automated accounting subledger for all transaction types: cash, debt, investments and derivatives. ATOM provides:

  • GAAP & IAS reporting compliance
  • Complete subledger functionality
  • Integrated auditing
  • Automated integration with ERPs such as SAP, PeopleSoft, JDE and Oracle
  • Automation for FAS 815 and IFRS 9 hedge accounting compliance


ATOM enables compliance with regulatory frameworks including Dodd-Frank, Basel III, FBAR, SOX, IFRS/GAAP, EMIR and SEPA

Deployment and Scalability

ATOM offers flexible deployment:

  • License only needed modules
  • Browser-based with no local installation for rapid onboarding
  • Scalable platform for one to 100+ users
  • ASP/SaaS, hosted or installed delivery models

Self-Service Reporting

ATOM delivers flexible reporting solutions for both operations and senior management, including:

  • ATOM Cockpits, with live graphics, KPIs, dashboards, and visual workflow
  • Integrated, self-service business intelligence reporting
  • Intuitive drag and drop tools for creating charts, graphs, maps and standard reports
  • Integrated OLAP data cube for end-user data analytics
  • Real-time integration with Excel
  • An extensive standard reports library

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